The following are excerpts from testimonials written by women who have or are currently participating in The Moving Steps Foundation’s programs:

“Three years ago, if someone would have told me I would be part of a prison dance class, learning and helping to teach choreography, I never would have believed it. The hour-long dance sessions do more for my self-esteem and recovery than any other activity.”
– Carla

“The dance program has been for me a great and serious reminder of the artistic and cultural part of my life. I remembered feelings, my love of music and dance – things I had long forgotten.”
– Victoria

“The honesty, praise, constructive criticism and most of all, respect I have experienced in this dance program have been so important to my life here in prison. Coming full circle, I want this to continue to always be a part of my life.”
– Lesley

“The chance to choose our own music and choreograph our own dances promotes ingenuity, organizational skills, team work, sense of accomplishment, inner peace and pride.”
– Heidi

“Dancing was a regular part of my life since a child.  Because of this program, I am back in touch with myself.”
– Grace