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May 2018: Moving Steps Documentary

The National Television and Film School in the UK recently completed filming for a documentary based on Moving Steps and focusing on the lives of three of our dance company members. With the goal of breaking stereotypes about women and addiction, the film explores the transformational powers of dance and performance. It will be shown at international film festivals as well as screened in the US. Updates on US showings will follow!

May 2018: Wellesley College Performance

Moving Steps was invited to perform their current production of Moving Stories at Wellesley College. The highly appreciative and enthusiastic audience consisted of students, professors, mental health professions and individuals working in restorative justice. Following a lively Q and A, a reception followed that enabled company members to continue to engage with the audience in more in-depth discussion.

May 2018: South Middlesex Correction Center Performance

Moving Steps performed the production of Moving Stories at South Middlesex Correctional Center, the women’s minimum security/pre-release prison facility in Framingham, MA. It was a very emotional and ‘raw’ performance for company members, some of whom had previously been incarcerated at the prison. In the weeks post performance, several of the incarcerated women who saw the show talked about how moved they were by the “unforgettable” moments that were so close to their personal experience.

Moving Steps Foundation inspires premiere of Moving Stories

The Wellesley MA newspaper wrote an inspiring story about moving steps and our newest production. It highlights our commitment to address the epidemics of addiction and over-incarceration in women:


See what it looks like when you teach women in prison to dance

Here is link to an article in by Heidi Shin, illustrating moving steps mission at work: