Modern Dance Session with Moving Steps Teacher, Mary Teuscher

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Members of the SMCC Performance Collaborative had their first class with contemporary dancer and choreographer, Mary Teuscher, on Saturday. Mary has now officially become part of our Moving Steps team and will not only conduct contemporary dance classes but will also facilitate company choreography. Mary is currently performing with two Boston based companies and is also a performance artist.

It was wonderful for me to witness her first class. Responding to her gentle and self-reflective teaching style, she led the women through relaxation and body opening exercises, progressing to a peripheral vision and awareness experience, and culminating in a partner replication/improvisation dance. It was a fun and exhilarating session – and definitely a new and perhaps more organic approach to movement for the women.  Mary’s work also provided a great vehicle for facilitating focus and ‘being in the moment.’  I love that each of our teachers brings something unique and deeply personal to these women.

The session culminated with the women dancing a work in progress for the next performance, “Shake it Off,” a hip-hop/pop inspired dance created by SMCC member, Jenny.  At their request, Mary provided some helpful comments on visual patterns and characterization.

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  1. Jessamine says:

    Great work, Moving Steps Foundation! We are grateful for all the work that you do in our communities.

  2. This seems to be excellent work going on this fitness class. I am inspired by the the people who introduce innovations in this field. Keep up the good work.

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