Upcoming SMCC Family Day Performance

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Our SMCC resident dance company rehearsals are well underway for the upcoming Family Day performance on Sunday, October 19th.  Twelve of our Performance Lab members will be performing three dances at the upcoming festivities and are so excited to be performing for their children.  The group chose the dances from our existing repertoire – “Somebody that I Used to Know,”  “Hey Ya,’ and “Happy.”  The decision was based on “child appropriateness” through group consensus.  At their initiative, the choreography was re-worked from the original to showcase the abilities and individual talents of new members, adding cartwheels and new hip-hop moves.  More experienced members, already familiar with the basic choreography,  patiently teach the steps and call rehearsals several times a week in addition to the regular scheduled class times.  I am always amazed and touched by the concern and compassion these women display as they creatively nurture each other.

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